Monday, January 15, 2018

Instant Pot Garlic

Last night we were up late and decisions were made.  A recipe for heads of garlic in the instant pot was produced:

This recipe turns garlic into a delicious spread for toast.  When you eat this much garlic, you eat it together. The herd (of cats) go crazy about food so the leftover shells of garlic heads were made availabe for them.  Morgan sniffed and walked away. Clark sniffed and walked away. Lois was chewing on the shells and eating whatever delicious leftovers there were.  

I woke up this morning and she wasn't in bed (I'm assuming the boys kicked her out because...stinky), I was worried she hurt herself eating all the garlic, or got a shel lodged or something.

This innocent looking Lois still reeks of garlic.  
It's going on 24 hours.

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